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Lot #1
Diamond Fashion Ring

Lady's free form fashion ring,Size 3.5, single cast and set with diamonds, Metal Type 14K White Gold, stamped with 14K, Metal Weight 4.02 dwt with the gemstones in place, Dimensions 21.50 x 17.56 x 2.28 mm, Design Contemporary abstract design with bars and rounded parts, Diamonds are head set and bead set, Condition worn, Diamonds (1) Mine cut center Diamond, Approximately 6.62-6.64x5.52mm, 1.48ct, Color Grade F, Clarity Grade SI1, Large culet present, Diamond(1) Europeon cut diamond, Approximately 5.53x3.64mm 0.67 ct, Color grade F, Clarity Grade I3, Diamond Accents (17) Single cut Diamonds, Approximately 0.20 ct total weight, Average Color H-I average Clarity SI1-SI2.Professional Appraisal $13858.

Lot #2
Diamond Pinky Ring

Man's Contemporary Diamond Pinky Ring, size 8.5, Metal Type 14K Yellow Gold Stamped "14K", #1 and with a Trademark, Metal Weight 6.60 dwt with Gemstones in place, Dimensions: 23.51 x 22.16 x 6.12 mm, Design Single Piece casting with (12) pave set round diamonds, condition Worn, Diamonds (12) Round brillant cut Diamonds, Approximately 2.30-2.91 mm, Estimated Carat Total 1.0 ct by formula, Color Grade Range F-I, Clarity Grade. Professional Appraisal $2522.

Lot #3
Horse Shoe Pendant

Horse Shoe shaped Diamond Pendant, single piece casting set with round gemstones, Metal Type 14K two-tone Gold, the base is 14K Yellow Gold, and the setting area in 14K White Gold, Stamped "14K", Metal weight 14.80 dwt with the gemstone in place, Demensions 1 1/2 x 1 7/8x 4.41mm, Design double row diamond horseshoe slider with hidden bails on reverse side. Condition Worn, Diamonds (54) round brillant cut Diamonds, Average size approximately 3.0 mm each, 0.10 ct each, 5.40 ct total weight, average color G-J Average Clarity, SI2-I1 Fluorescence. approximately 20%. Professional Appraisal $8552.

Lot #4
Diamond Wedding Ring

Lady's 3 row diamond wedding ring, Size 7, single cast and set with gemstones, Metal type 14K whitte gold tested not stamped, Metal weight 2.62 dwt with the gemstones in place, Dimensions23.46x19.48x1.74 mm, Design Classic 3 row design with all diamonds prong set, Diamonds (1) Round brillant cut Diamond, approximately 4.0 mm, 0.25 ct, Color Grade I-J, Clarity Grade VS@ (2) Round brillant cut Diamonds, Approximately 3.4 mm each, 0.30 ct total weight, Color Grade I-J Clarity Grade SI1, Accent Diamonds (20) single cut Diamonds, Approximately 0.03 ct each, Average Color Grade I-J, Average Clarity Grade SI1, total diamond weight for the rings 0.90 ct. Professional appraisal $1469.00

Lot #5
Diamond Fashion Ring

Lady's Diamond fashion ring, size 5, muliple piece casting assembled and set. Metal Type 10K white & Yellow Gold, Stamped "HDS" and "10" Metal Weight 5.07 dwt with the diamonds in place, Dimensions 25.53x20.26x6.46 mm,Design Cathedral style shank with double row of round diamonds prong set, Marquis shaped cluster setting for the center set with round gemstrongs, Condition Heavily worn, Diamonds (35) Round brillant cut Diamonds, Ranging in size from 2.2 - 2.7mm, approximately 1.50 ct total weight, Average Color, Average Clarity SI2 - I1 Professional Appraisal $1013.00

Lot #6
Diamond Bridal Set

Lady's diamond bridal set, size 8.5, with muliple cast pieces, set with gemstones, Metal Type, 14K Two-Toned Gold, tested but not stamped, Metal Weight 2.51 dwt with the gemstones in place, Dimensions 27.0x20.18x3.68 mm, Design with a head set center gemstone and prong set diamonds on the shank, Condition worn, Center Diamond, approximately 5.79-5.92x3.16 mm, 0.65 ct, Color Grade L, Clarity Grade SI1, Small culet, accent diamonds (13) Single cut Diamonds, Size Range from 1.7-2.7 mm, approximately 0.35 ct, Color Range H-J, Clarity Range SI1-I1, Professional Appraisal $2590.00

Lot #7
Diamond "J" Ring

Lady's 2 tone initial ring, "J" muliple cast and assembled, size 7.5, Metal Type 14K Yellow Gold with a white gold diamond plate, tested but not stamped, Metal Weight 6.67 dwt with gemstone in place, Dimeensions 25.33x20.85x4.0 mm, Design White Gold plate script "J" set to a yellow gold ring and set with diamonds, condition worn, Diamond (17) Round brillant cut Diamonds, Approximately 3.0 mm each, 1.70 ct total weight, Average color J-K, Average Clarity SI1-SI2, Professional appraisal $3172.

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